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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spring Canyon, Utah Tracks Found - 2008

Sowbelly Gulch - Spring Canyon, Utah
     A resident of Helper, Utah told me of large human looking barefoot tracks, that he and his wife had found in the snow along side of their tracks, while they walked back to their vehicle, down Sowbelly Gulch, above the ghost town of Spring Canyon. Even though they didn't see what had made the tracks, they both feel that it was observing and following them for a while. This is their story as Fred related to me :

     In the fall of 2008, Fred and his wife drove up Spring Canyon to the old ghost town of Spring Canyon, located about one mile up Sowbelly Gulch from Spring Canyon. There, they would park their vehicle and then go for a walk up Sowbelly. I hope this isn't too confusing, as there is the main Canyon out of Helper, called Spring Canyon and also there is an old ghost town called Spring Canyon, which is located in Sowbelly Gulch. This time of year, there was a little snow, just enough to cover the ground. Walking on up the road and around the bend, they decided to turn around and head back the vehicle. When they got to the old mine shop building (picture) they both noticed large barefoot human looking footprints in the snow along side their tracks. These tracks came onto the road from the wash, approximately one hundred twenty feet below where the building sits and departs approximately where the end of the shop is located. The picture doesn't show it very well, but there is a deep wash between the road and the old building. The tracks went through the wash and up towards the building and from there, they don't know where they went to. The footprints were approximately 16 inches long and about three and one half foot apart. Below is a map showing the area and the two Spring Canyons, for clarification.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

Water Canyon, Utah - Encounter Fall 2010

View Showing Switchbacks in Water Canyon
     I interviewed a man from East Carbon, Utah who in the fall of 2010, while hiking up Water Canyon, had a Bigfoot type creature cross the dirt road ahead of him. Water Canyon is located  approximately five miles north of Sunnyside, Utah in the Book Cliffs of Carbon County. To protect his identity, I will use the name Carl in place of his true name. This is his story as he related it to me :
     While hiking up the dirt road, from the parking area at the bottom of the canyon, Carl's destination was the site of an old asphalt mine located near the top of the canyon. This is a very easy hike to do, if a person stays on the dirt road. Its approximately two miles to the first switchback and approximately five hundred feet before reaching the first switchback, there was a large dark colored animal, walk across the road about one hundred feet in front of him. These canyons are very steep and difficult to climb, without using the road. At first, he thought maybe it could be a bear or possibly a deer crossing the road, but realizing that it was walking on only two legs. He quickly went up to where the animal crossed the road, began looking up the slope and saw it standing about fifty or so feet up the slope from the road, looking directly at him. The animal turned around and quickly walked up the slope to the next switchback. He then noticed large human looking footprints leading up the slope from the road. He also noticed the same prints coming from the bottom of the canyon, to the road. He thought by continuing on up the road to the first switchback, he might be able to see it again, but never did. He continued on up the road past the second and third switchback, not seeing the animal, but did find tracks where it had crossed the road two more times. He had no idea of how tall it stood and can only guess at its height, somewhere between seven and eight feet. He told me it had long dark reddish black hair, reminding him of what a gorilla looks like, but somewhat different. The tracks were considerably longer and wider than his own foot and showed having five toes.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

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Ron Johnson

Mill Creek Canyon, Utah - Encounter 2004

     I interviewed a man from Seattle, WA who in the spring of 2004 while hiking in Mill Creek Canyon, had seen a Bigfoot standing alone in the trees, on the opposite side of the creek. This is his story :
     While hiking along on a trail that follows the creek, his dog stops and stares across the river looking hard at something that is on the other side. Not seeing anything himself right away, finally notices something standing not to far off into the trees. After watching it for a moment, he walks up the trail a little farther to get a better look at it. He stands there watching it for a while and then it turns around and slowly walks away, disappearing into the trees. He estimated its height to be approximately seven to seven and one half feet tall, hairy and described it as looking like something between a human and an ape or gorilla. He told me that he never did believe in the existence of  a Sasquatch or Bigfoot and thought it was all nonsense, but now he tells me that he had to rethink it, believing now it could most likely be real. I asked him how he and his dog reacted to seeing it; telling me that the sight of it didn't frighten him at all, that he was only curious about it. He told me his dog just stood there looking at it, not moving, growling or barking. If it weren't for his dog stopping an staring, he wouldn't of seen it.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Indian Canyon Summit Encounter - Fall 2009

Indian Canyon Summit
     I interviewed a woman from Price, Utah who had seen a Bigfoot standing on the left side of the road at the summit of Indian Canyon in the fall of 2009. She absolutely wants no contact of any kind concerning her sighting and stressed to me to keep her identity totally anonymous. This is her story as related to me :
     In the fall of 2009, while driving to Duchesne, to visit relatives, she saw what looked like a big man standing at the left side of the road, where the big turn out is located. As she approached him, driving past she realized that what she was seeing, wasn't a man at all, but a large burly looking human type animal standing and watching her drive by. She told me that it looked like a giant ape and reminded her of Harry, from the movie "Harry and the Henderson's". I asked her, about how tall she thought it stood and told me probably somewhere between six and seven feet tall, but can't be for absolute sure, because she didn't want to stop for a better look. She told me that for sure it wasn't a big animal like a bear, deer or elk and that it definitely was standing on two legs, like a human. She told me that she wasn't a believer in Bigfoot until she drove by and seen this.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Millers Flat, Utah Encounter - Fall 1974

Millers Flat - Emery County, Utah
      Jim is a successful business owner from Carbon County, Utah and in the fall of 1974, he had an encounter with a large bigfoot type animal while camping at Millers Flat, in the fall of 1974. Millers Flat is located approximately halfway between Electric Lake and Joes Valley reservoir, in the Manti LaSal National Forest, Emery County, Utah. The Emery and Sanpete county line actually runs through the area, where Jim had his sighting. This is his story as he related it to me :
     In the fall of 1974, Jim parked his camp trailer at Millers Flat, right after the summer camping season, knowing that he would most likely be more to himself, not having the area full of campers. He was staying the weekend and had his dog with him on this trip. Late in the evening, his dog started to whine and became very nervous. Letting his dog out, he immediately hid under the trailer and wouldn't come out. Not knowing why he was acting this way, he decided to go for a little walk and leave his dog at the trailer. Approximately 100 feet away, Jim notices large human shaped, barefoot tracks on the ground. He thought this was very odd, why somebody with such big feet would walk around in this area barefoot. He didn't have anything with him to measure the length of the tracks and speculated they were approximately 16 inches in length, with a span somewhere between 3 and 4 feet. After looking at the tracks for a moment, Jim becomes very nervous, raising the hair on the back of his neck, feeling as if someone was watching him. Approximately another 50 or so feet in front of him, he see's something moving in the trees and it stops to look at him. Jim described it as, looking something like a big ape or gorilla. He turned around and quickly made it back to his trailer; the dog still underneath, not wanting to come out. At this point in time, he quickly loaded everything up in his truck and while hooking his trailer to the truck, the dog finally come out from underneath and jumped inside the truck, still whining. He told me that this is the only time, he ever seen anything like this and still thinks about it whenever he goes camping. I still see Jim from time to time and always ask him about it. He has never changed his story and firmly believes he had seen a Bigfoot.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wellington, Utah Encounter 1974

Dirt Road To Mounds, Where Bigfoot Was Seen
     A resident of Price, Utah, who is the owner of a very successful business here locally, told me of an encounter that she and a friend, had with a Bigfoot type animal back in 1974, on the east side of Wellington, UT. At her request, her identity will remain anonymous. This is her story :
     Growing up in Wellington, UT, Mary had many friends and on one sunny weekend in the summer of 1974, Mary and a friend of hers left early in the morning to go for a walk towards Mounds, along a dirt road following the Price River. When they got past the coal washer plant, they noticed what looked like a big man standing on top of a nearby hill. Thinking it was only another hiker, they kept on proceeding. When they got closer, they seen that it wasn't another hiker, but what looked like a big hairy tall animal, standing like a human on two legs. They stopped and stood there staring at it. This animal never moved nor made any kind of a sound, all the time they watched it. They soon decided to go back to Wellington and not to go any further.  Turning around, they hurried back towards Wellington.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter