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Utah Bigfoot Hunter Channel
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Does Sasquatch travel the San Rafael?

This has always been a working theory for me and recent findings that we have discovered might just point to this. The San Rafael Swell and Cedar Mountain areas of Carbon and Emery counties, both consist of a vast wild area connecting the Boulder Mountains to the west and the Book Cliff Range to the east. This would make for a much shorter roadway for the Sasquatch to utilize than by traveling in a much longer arching route through the Fishlake National Forest, the Wasatch Plateau and Manti. A majority of the Carbon County sighting reports that we have received, are located in alignment with this possible path-way or roadway. The tracks we find both head towards and come from the direction of Cedar Mountain and the San Rafael Swell. The areas along this path-way are very remote and rugged with very little intrusions of humans. A majority of people who visit Cedar Mountain or the San Rafael, don't wander very far from roads or campgrounds in the area and the vastness of remote canyons and gullies supply endless hiding spots. One needs to really know this area I'm referring too and as I stated earlier, this is only a theory, but one we are going to investigate fully.

Ron Johnson
Kevin Allridge