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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wellington, Utah - Sighting 03-08-2015

     On 03-09-2015, I received a report from a resident of Wellington, Utah,  of an unknown human like animal running across the highway (US191) between the cities of Price and Wellington, Utah. This took place at dusk, approximately 7:40 PM. The one witness (driver) told me that it looked like a hairy man, wearing no clothes. It had come out of a narrow concrete overpass for the railroad tracks, that runs parallel the highway, running across the highway in front of the witness, causing him to brake suddenly, almost hitting it. He had stopped, watching it cross the fields on the other side of the road, disappearing out of sight. After interviewing the witnesses, I went to the location of the railroad overpass, to investigate. The railroad tracks are located on the west side of the highway, approximately 70 feet away. The tracks themselves, are running on top of what looks like a causeway. The Price river winds along on the west side of the railroad tracks and the narrow overpass (approximately 10 feet tall) is too allow runoff water to escape to the river and not get caught between the tracks and the road. As you pass underneath this overpass, you come upon very thick willows, making it impossible to proceed to the river, which is about 50 feet further. The mud from the melting of resent snow, was very difficult to walk through. There was what could possibly been tracks, but because of the very soft watery mud, was impossible to make any kind of assessment about them. The area too the east of the highway is very rural, filled with many washes and does make for a good route too the mountains, avoiding the more populated areas. Of course, this is all just speculation on my part and thinking that maybe if it possibly was a Sasquatch, I decided to look for footprints in the areas north, between the two cities; not finding anything. The next day, I searched the area between Dead Man Canyon and East Carbon, Utah, finding nothing. There has been many recent sightings in about a twenty mile circle of this area, since 2009 and the latest was in 2012. 

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

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Monday, March 2, 2015

American Fork Canyon, Utah - Alleged Sasquatch Video by Paranormal Review

     This latest video given to Paranormal Review from a hiker, of an alleged Sasquatch near Tibble Reservoir, American Fork Canyon, Utah is actually a fairly decent video after it's been slowed down and stabilized, except the part where the witness had run, which unfortunately entails most of the video. The clearest and best view of the beast is early in the video, starting at 0:13 and shows him/her walking through the trees and this is your best view of this creature. The video shows a large massive looking creature/Sasquatch, with very broad shoulders with what seems like long arms. But unfortunately, photo's and video isn't enough for science to accept totally, falling way short of their critical mindset. You Tube has become a clearing house of hoax's, to downright fraud, but please don't think I'm judging this video as such. This is actually, one of the better video's of an alleged Sasquatch, but unfortunately it's going to take more than a video or photo to prove their existence. DNA is no good, unless you already have DNA to compare it with and nothing short of capturing or killing one, is what it's going to take. I personally hope no one ever kills one, but unfortunately, it will probably happen some day. I've been researching and hunting for evidence in Utah for over twenty years and I believe that there is a strong probability of a paranormal or supernatural aspect to this big elusive creature, that science and most other researchers will absolutely ignore.Below is a link to the  video, you will need to copy and paste. 


Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter