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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Big Piney, Wyoming Encounter Story 10-30-2010

Map of area
     I received a report from Rudy Drobnick, of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, of a Sasquatch encounter east of Big Piney/Marbleton, Wyoming, involving two Utah out of State hunters. The encounter took place on October 30, 2010. Darrell and I received the report from Rudy in November of the same year. Rudy Drobnick is a retired UDWR Biologist, who collects Sasquatch reports from hunters and other people, throughout the State. This is the story, as Rudy related it to Darrell and me.

     On October 30, 2010, two Utahns (names withheld) hunting in the area east of Big Piney/Marbleton, Wyoming near the Wind River Mountains, had noticed, what looked like very large footprints in the snow. The prints were approximately eighteen inches in length, with three large toes and approximately somewhere between four and five feet apart and appeared to the two hunters, to be walking in a heel to toe pattern. The two hunters were following these tracks in the snow, soon becoming aware that what they were trying to follow, was following and tracking them.  The description was a very large and massive upright walking creature with long reddish brown hair, that somewhat resembled a large ape or gorilla. The one hunter, become scared and took a shot at the beast with his rifle. There was a flash of light and then the Sasquatch disappeared. This is the report given to us and this is what the two hunters related to Rudy, as to what had happened to them in Wyoming. There are other reports of a Sasquatch disappearing while being shot at by a hunter and this paranormal or supernatural aspect, does happen occasionally. Some researchers and people, take offence to anything in a non scientific nature being reported along with the encounter, which is a oxymoron in itself, but I will report the entire account as I receive them. 

     I had a UFO encounter to investigate north of Evanston, WY and then traveled to the area in question, in the spring in 2011 after the snow disappeared and spent two days looking for tracks and other evidence. The UFO incident was not involved with this sighting. Even though this was a third hand report, I still spent the time to investigate it.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter