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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Farnham Utah Sighting 03-08-2015

Carbon County - Mounds Road
     A construction worker from Arizona, working in Price UT on a local restaurant job, had an encounter with a big hairy human type animal, approximately ten miles southeast of Wellington UT. This is on the dirt road that follows the Price River, heading towards Mounds. This is his story as he related it to us.

     On 03-08-2015 (Sunday) John who is a construction worker from Arizona, working on a local restaurant remodeling job here in the Price area, took a trip to the mounds area with a friend (co worker) They took the county dirt road, that connects with Ridge Road, approximately where the Price River crosses. This road parallels the Price River and the Union Pacific Railroad, as you travel towards Mounds. Late in the afternoon, on their return trip, where the water is diverted out of the river at the power dam, there was a big upright animal standing in the middle of the road. John comes to a complete stop, as they sat in their truck watching this. He sounded the horn from his truck and the animal made a loud growling type sound and then quickly ran away up the hill to the east. He describes it as, approximately seven feet tall, sandy brown long hair with black accents in it. When it ran up the hill, he could see the feet with five big toes. He told us that it looks very similar to beasts that he’s seen in documentaries. This is all of a description that was given to us.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter
Kevin Allridge

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