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Monday, December 14, 2015

A 7 Year Olds, Utah Bigfoot Friend

     I hear about Sasquatch encounters all the time, from people of all walks of life. This is the first time I ever heard a story like this from a seven year old. Lots of parents will dismiss stories like this as pure fantasy, not believing anything that a young person has too say, and parents who do, are completely missing the mark. Parents should listen too what their children have to say. 

     A few months back, I took a friend to Home Depot in Provo, UT to get some outside paneling for her house. She didn’t own a truck, nor had anyway of transporting these 4x8 sheets of paneling, so we took my truck. When I picked her up, she told me that her 7 year old grandson was coming along. From Helper, it’s approximately a seventy mile trip to Provo. After loading the paneling into my truck, we started out for home. There wasn’t much of a conversation on the return trip, as we both we’re just listening to the seven year old grandson of my friend talk about school. After a while he started telling me about his friend, who talks with him, whenever he goes camping in the mountains by Salt Lake. First off, I would like to say that I’m telling this story the way that he told it to me. In the summer months, he would go camping with his aunt and uncle from Salt Lake quite often and this is where his friend comes to light. He kept telling me about this friend and I assumed that it was just a friend of his who went along on these camping trips, until he mentioned that it was a Bigfoot who was talking to him. When he said this, I started to pay attention. He told me that whenever they go camping in the mountains by Salt Lake, his friend Bigfoot will always come close to where they camp, too talk to him. I asked him if the Bigfoot scared him, he told me that he didn’t come into camp, and that he wasn’t afraid of him. He talks to me, but he is not there with me. He is hiding in the trees, away from where we are camping, whenever he talks to me (telepathy?) My aunt and uncle won’t let me go off by myself and I have to stay in camp. My Bigfoot friend wants me to come visit him, but I’m not allowed to leave camp by myself. I didn’t want to lead him in any way with questions, so I decided to just let him talk. He asked me if I knew how a Bigfoot sleeps and I told him that they will sometimes make a bed out of tree branches or make a primitive shelter. He told me that his friend lives in a cave not too far from where they go camping in the mountains by Salt Lake. He asked me if I was afraid of Bigfoot and I told him that I wasn’t. He told me that the next time they go camping in the mountains by Salt Lake; he will have his friend Bigfoot talk to me. He continued to tell me about what he liked to eat, and how they have to hide from people. He told me that only nice people, who don’t want to hurt him, are allowed to see him. When we arrived in Helper, he told me that there we’re Bigfoot in the mountains by Helper and that he has talked to them too. I asked him if he had learned this in school, and he told me that we are not allowed to talk about Bigfoot or we will get into trouble. All in all, he had a pretty incredible story to tell. I asked my friend, where did he learn so much about Bigfoot? She told me that whenever he gets home from these camping trips, he always has these Bigfoot stories to talk about.

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