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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Price Canyon, Utah Sighting 05-29-2016

Hair Sample Found At Location
Price Canyon, Carbon County, UT

    On the afternoon of 05-29-2016, a resident of Price, Utah (wishes to remain anonymous) contacted my partner Kevin and related a strange encounter she had while traveling back home from Salt Lake City. At the last turn before dropping into Price Canyon, she noticed a large hairy creature standing on two legs, near the shoulder of the highway. This would be on the southwest side of the road, near where the highway is held up by large pillars. The creature had dark brown, almost black looking hair on its body, didn't move nor make any sounds. She drove farther down the Canyon to a wide spot and stopped long enough to regain her composure before continuing home. This location is in close proximity to an encounter in 2002 (UBH-10033) by two Arizona deer hunters, a 1955 encounter on the old highway (UBH-10020) and an encounter with two dirt bike riders in the early 1970's (UBH-10017)
    Kevin and myself went to the location of the sighting to look for evidence. I found this hair sample approximately twenty feet from where she said the creature stood. The hair still has follicles attached the them and has a greasy plastic like feel to it. I showed the sample to four different horse experts in the area and they didn't know what it was. We are going to send it off for DNA testing and when I receive the results, I'll post it to this article.

Ron Johnson
Kevin Allridge

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Ron Johnson

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