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Monday, February 16, 2015

Utah Bigfoot Files - Ron Johnson, Who Are You ?

     This will be a very short biography on who I am. My name is Ron Johnson, for those of you who don’t know me and hopefully this article will help substantiate, who I am and what I do. Born and raised in southern California before the massive influx of people and later moving to Price, Utah in 1971, the metaphysical or paranormal environment has always been a huge interest to me. I first started hearing about Sasquatch encounters/sightings as far back as the 1960’s, which fascinated my interest. Most of these were farther north, but the ones south of Bakersfield, were the ones that captured my total attention. I have had many UFO encounters pretty much my entire life, in California, Hawaii and Utah and I plan on starting another blog entailing this subject. Other than the paranormal, I love photography, hiking, exploring old ghost towns and abandoned mine sites across the southwest. I used to race stock cars, here locally in the Price area for four years, giving it up because of the time and expense.

     This world is charged with many unknown's or if you will, unscientific subjects such as, UFO’s/abductions, ghosts/hauntings, cryptozoology/ Sasquatch and many other subjects to numerous to mention. As a paranormal investigator, I try to indulge into a vast majority of these, but time is a very limiting factor. I’m the founder of Southeast Utah Paranormal, doing research and investigating Sasquatch sightings and ghosts/hauntings. I have done interviews with, Jerry Pippin, Patty Greer, Elaine Douglass (Journal of Abduction Research - JAR) Tracie Austin-Peters and with KSUU – FM radio 91.1 (Cedar City, Utah) RJ Hinder – Morning Liberty Show (RBN – Internet) and been featured in the Salt Lake City Weekly – Sept 24, 2009 (Touched by an Alien) and Oct 27, 2011 (Soul Searchers) have done numerous talks with Utah – MUFON and various other paranormal groups in Utah. My UFO encounters are in the book “We Are Among You Already” by Jujuolui Kuita (Chapter 17, titled NORJI) and also in “Alien Encounters in the Western United States” by Tracie Austin-Peters (Ron’s Encounter; Utah) I was on the show “Finding Bigfoot” which aired in July of 2014 (Finding Bigfoot in Four Corners) I apologize, if this sounds too much like a resume, but this is who I am and what I do.

     Even though I now live in Utah, as I thought, California was the perfect place to see a Sasquatch or to find Sasquatch foot prints, but in May of 2012, I saw the big elusive beast for myself, in the Book Cliffs of southeastern Utah. Next to my UFO encounters, to see a Sasquatch (with a witness) had to be one of the biggest highlights of my entire life. I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog site and please feel free to contact me about anything here.     rjohnsonufohunter@gmail.com 

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

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Ron Johnson

Monday, February 2, 2015

Okanogan National Forest,Washington - 1980 Encounter

     I interviewed a man, whom I’ll call Michael, from West Virginia, who had an encounter with a Sasquatch, while serving in the military. This happened in the summer of 1980, while teaching survival in the Okanogan National Forest of Washington State. I’m keeping his name and military rank hidden, too protect his identity. He told me that he never did believe in the existence of a Sasquatch or any type of an unknown primate and thought it was rather shallow minded of people to believe in such things. Something happened to him in Washington State, back in 1980 that totally changed his way of thinking. This is his story as he related it too me.

     Michael has been in the U.S. military for over 40 years, enlisting through the R.O.T.C. program. While in the military, he wanted to become a survival instructor and spent years learning the different techniques. After becoming a certified instructor, he would take students out into different types of country, for testing. He has spent many times in the Okanogan of Washington State with individual students and also by himself. On one particular survival outing in the Okanogan National Forest with two students, while sitting around a small camp fire talking about survival techniques, a big dark colored biped walked right into their camp. This creature paused for a few seconds, then turned around and walked away. He described it to me as being at least ten feet tall, looking somewhat like a hairy ape and very big looking and wide. This encounter took place late at night, with the only light coming from the small fire, so they both didn’t get a very good look at it. He told me that they couldn't get to sleep that night and pretty much stayed up till morning. There were very large, wide and approximately 20 plus   inch long barefoot human type tracks with five toes. He estimated the size by comparing the tracks to his own foot. The stride that this big animal had was much longer than what an average sized human would be capable of. Where they were camped, wasn't too far from the Canadian border and the tracks come from that direction and then preceded back towards Canada. He told me that he never did believe in a Sasquatch, but know he does. 

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Does Sasquatch Live in the Desert ? Answer is Yes !

    I get asked quite frequently, about the possibility of a Sasquatch living in the desert. The answer is a monstrous yes. Coming originally from southern California, I have been hearing and reading numerous Bigfoot sightings, from all over the desert areas of California, Arizona and Nevada. These come from the late 50’s up through this current time, but the majority was through the 50’s and 60’s. Southern California was once a hot bed of activity for the Sasquatch, long before the influx of population took over. I remember reading stories in the Los Angeles Times and many of the local smaller news papers, about Bigfoot sightings, ranging from Bakersfield to San Diego and as far east as Phoenix and Las Vegas. At this time in my life, reading about these sightings was quite frequent. There was a large population of white colored Bigfoot, called the Borrego Sandmen, in an around the Anza Borrego Desert area, south of Palm Springs. From the mid 1800’s to the 1960’s, this area had numerous Sandmen (Sasquatch) encounters with gold hunters and trappers.
      The areas between Tehachapi, Edwards Air Force Base, Victorville and Cajon Pass, was another hot spot of activity from those early years of the 50’s up through the early 70’s. It stands to reason, because the Sierra Nevada range basically runs down the entire state of California from one end to the other. What a great travel way for the Sasquatch to use. Just like here in the inter-mountain west, they have a fantastic way to travel, from Montana to New Mexico, by staying completely hidden in the mountains. With the massive population growth in California, the sightings have become quite sparse, but I believe there might be a few left in places, like on the 270,000 acre Tejon ranch of the Tehachapi Mountains, Los padres National Forest and Angeles National Forest. Does Bigfoot live in the desert? The answer is yes and without a doubt, I believe he is here in the desert areas of Utah, also. 

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

Finding Bigfoot

      I was recently on the show “Finding Bigfoot” which aired in July of 2014. This was the last show of the season. The town meeting was located at the Strater Hotel, Diamond Belle Saloon and let me tell you, it was standing room only. Being in the four corners area, they had a lot of area to cover in a two week period. This episode had Matt Moneymaker (New Mexico), Cliff Barackman (Arizona), Ranae Holland (Utah) and James Fay (Colorado), splitting up and each taking their separate state.
     How I ended up at the town meeting in Durango, CO was back in 2012, I started to receive many reports of eye witness accounts of a Sasquatch and reports of prints in the areas between Helper, Indian Canyon Summit and Lila Canyon to the east. This is primarily in the Book Cliffs of southeastern Utah, Carbon and Duchesne Counties, between the dates of 2010 – 2012. All in all, I have 18 reports of encounters and foot prints in this one triangle shaped area. We filed reports of our encounters with the B.F.R.O. and in November of 2013, I was contacted by Animal Planet about our reports we filed. I sent some of my reports (with their permission) to the producer for his evaluation. The producer of the show asked me to come to Durango, for the town meeting to describe my encounter.

     The town meeting was quite interesting, as not just anybody could attend it, you have to be invited. Absolutely, no photo’s taken at all during the meeting and all cell phones off. Anyone caught trying to take a picture, was immediately excused from the meeting and not allowed to tell their story or return. I can understand their protocol, as it was a mad house of people outside, trying to get in. After approximately 45 minutes of changing seating and lighting changes, the meeting started. We all had to be out of the Saloon at 10:00 PM sharp and I was the last person up to speak. There were so many people there with Sasquatch sightings to relay, that when it got around to my turn, I only had a few minutes left to describe it. Because of the time remaining, I had to hurry in telling my story and left out many details, but after the meeting, I got another chance to tell it in better detail to Cliff and Ranae. This was an exciting experience to be a part of and no matter what you might think; all four of them are very knowledgeable on the subject of Sasquatch. The assistant producer told me that they were planning another show for southeastern Utah at a later date and I was to be invited back. I can hardly wait.

Ron Johnson - Utah Bigfoot Hunter

Ron Johnson and Cliff Barackman